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Women Leadership Program

Although women make up half of the workforce, they are usually underrepresented at senior leadership roles in organizations. 

Women Leadership Programs increase awareness for women promotion to leadership roles, connect between women across different departments and roles in the organization, support professional and personal growth, and give women the inspiration for leadership impact and promotion opportunities,  
Our programs are specifically tailored for women in the medical field, and have received excellent feedback & reviews from both mentors and mentees on their structure, delivery, and value. 

“The way up – the story of a successful women” – the development story of Helit Dovrin from junior engineer to a director in the medical device industry, the challenges, the success and the insights - inspiration for women who want to develop their career. 

WeMentor – A Mentoring program dedicated for Women: Senior women leaders mentor junior women leaders in the organization in a 6-month program, includes 1-on-1 meetings where mentee objectives for career development, organizational challenges, personal challenges are discussed and progressed. 

Women Mentoring Program
women leadership
women leadership
My personal development story - inspirational lecture for women
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